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    96 XP vs older hulls?

    I've never owned a Seadoo, but I do have fond memories of riding XPs back in the 90s, and now that I live near a lake, I'm interested in getting one. I posted earlier about what hull was the most fun (96 seems to get the nod), but prices seems pretty high, and I have not come across any nice examples yet. I have however, seen some great prices on 95 XPs. Can someone fill me in on the differences? Again, I'm just looking for a fun boat, and while I'm prepared to rebuild motors/pumps, I would only likely make minimal, if any, mods, as I want reliability. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpt50 View Post
    Can someone fill me in on the differences? Thanks!
    Main difference is a 717. Its just as fun and easyer on the wallet. I had a sp 717 back in the days with limited mods and that thing would try to rip my arms off. It was a fun ski damm that was some good times.

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    I used to have a 95 xp and even though its not as fast as the 96 xp it was still alot of fun..

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    Keep in mind the 97 SPX and later not sure to what year SPX is the same as a 96 XP may be a solution also. would not mind haveing mine again but the RXP is a great ski.

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    I have been looking at some of the XPs as well. From what I have seen here local to me was a nice 96 model with trailer that sold for $1850. There is another 96 listed now with minor mods and a trailer that they are asking $2500 for.

    I really like the looks of the 99 SPX skis, same hull just a great combination of colors. Most of the 99s that I have seen that were slick and come with a trailer wanted $2700 + here for them.

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