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    2001 Virage. Wont rev past 4500 rpms.

    Ok guys I got a brain teaser for you. My 2001 Polaris Virage 700 carb/ lost spark and would not start. It ran perfectly before that. So first thing I did was put a new battery in it and cleaned the connections. Still no spark. So I replaced the CDI and I finally got spark. However after taking it on the water it would only rev to 4500 rpms. I seems pretty doggy on the take off also. So after reading some posts I replaced the stator, coil, wires, plugs. Still same issue. I then rebuilt the carb just for the heck of it, because like I said before it ran perfect up until the no spark issue. There is no warning lights on the display flashing. I blew out all the fuel lines and drained and refilled the fuel tank. Still same issue. It does run perfect on land. It will redline all day long if I wanted it to. Just under load it has issues. Compression is great. I tried holding the bilge button while riding it to see if that helps but no change. So basically it has all new ignition components ( not used) and fuel system rebuilt. Could the start/stop regulator cause this problem? Sorry for the long story but I wanted to be informative. Any help would be greatly apreciated.

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    try unplugging the console it could be triggering limp mode with no warning light.

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    Wouldnt limp mode cause it not to rev up fine on land either? Because it revs up just find on land.

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    could be a broken reed, is it running on both cylinders at 4500?

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