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    1990 Kawasaki JS 440 w/dual carbs not getting enough fuel???

    So I picked up this ski a week ago and it has dual mikuni 38mm carbs on it. As far as I can tell they both have the stock fuel pump on them (round style). I took it out the other day and it ran good except for a small hesitaiton. When I'm cruising at 1/3 throttle and nail it, I get a small half second hesitation and then it picks up and rips right along. I was wondering if this would most likely be not enough fuel being supplied by the 2 pumps or if it was an adjustment/jetting problem?

    I'm new to the stand up world and don't have a vast knowledge of these carbs so any input is appreciated. Thanks

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    Sounds like a carb adjustment would do it. Has the carbs been rebulit at all? There is a small filter screen inside the carbs sometimes they get a little speck of gunk.

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    also check the primer when you give it gas, should be a stright streem of fuel going into the carbs when you give it wot.

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    do a vacuum test on the fuel pump diaphragm and see if it holds..

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    I dont know if they've been re-built recently. I just dealt with it this summer but I think Im gonna order a mikuni super bn44 up soon and swap it out.

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