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    efi tank for xlt1200

    what tank to use for xlt1200 hull with 4 stroke conversion? would asume gp1300r efi tank because of the side entrance for fuel fill, and already has the fuel pump/ sender.

    was looking at the fx/fxho tank and only thing that is keeping me from going that route is the center entrance for the fill. would interfere with front storage bin. not a deal breaker as that can be fixed. but looking to see if the 1300r efi tank is a direct drop in.

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    is the fx tank same dimensions as a gpr or a xlt tank, only difference being no spot for oil tank, and fuel inlet being in the front of the tank and not in the side. that and an efi pump. im hoping an fx tank will drop right into the spot in an xlt hull. the front fuel fill can be fixed by modifying the storage bucket .

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