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    1978 js440 project

    Just bought my first stand up, 1978 js440. The engine has compression and the impeller is not seized up, the guy i bought it off of told me it was the starter, i pulled the starter out and tested it, it worked. So now it has to be electrical. I tested all the wires and grounds and all are working. I took out the starter soleniod and tested it and it works. The positive wires(red) from the battery to soleniod and positive wire from soleniod to starter are carrying 12 volts. So when I hook it all up and push the electric start absolutely nothing happens....any ideas anyone?

    thanks Luke

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    i would test the ohmms from the start stop button to start with. it is a open closed loop.also open up the two 10 mm bolts where the stator wires go into the electric box, are they connected. open up the electrical box is all the wires connected? water can penetrate this box and make a mess of everthing. I mean RUST!!!I have several JS 400, 440 ,550 for parts if you need

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    2 has alot of old school ski's and people that maintain them. I hate to send you over there, but they will answer your questions quicker than here... Post some pics of your project!

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    I would "load"test the wires also!

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    I would advise buying the service manual, if you still need help.

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