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    overheating, no pwer, fouled plugs

    Life was good but the parked on the beach for a break , went out about 500 yards the engine slows right down and overheating light came on and limped back to beach. I can idle and it won't overheat but no power and if i give it full throttle it will get to about 35 mph and the overheat again. Btw its a 2000 ultra.

    thx for any help

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    Well, it sounds like you got sand in the cooling system and clogged it up. Have you checked the pump to see if you picked up any seaweed, etc.?

    Is water coming out the peehole(s)?

    You may have to remove the exhaust expansion chamber and flush it out. You might have to pull the fittings on the cylinder heads and clean them, or pull the heads off and clean the water jackets.

    If you continue to beach it, consider installing a strainer.

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    Thanks Steve , but would the cooilng systen cut the power so drastically?

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    Yes, the ignition box limits RPM when the overheat sensor kicks in.

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    Great blew out the lines and it now runs cool as a cucumber but will not get any revs under load. I can get up to about 30mph but thats it, as soon as i jump out of a wave it revs up but then slows down when I hit the water?

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