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    After leaving 97 SPX in garage for 2 weeks, pool of bluish thick liquid in hull?

    So I finally got my 97 SPX working (had some random issues unrelated to the engine) and took it to the lake 2 weeks ago. Everything ran fine. When I pulled it from the lake and drained it, of course there was maybe 1/2" of water still in the bottom of the hull. I took it back to my garage and parked it, left it there with the seat off for 2 weeks. I also have a Polaris, and expected after 2 weeks in this weather the rest of the water would evaporate. In the Polaris, all water is gone, but in the SPX, there is now "more" water int he bottom but it's bluish and rather thick, which leads me to believe it's the oil/gas mixture (it's running premix) - would this be a valid assumption?

    What could I check to see what's going on? Visibly it obviously doesn't look like anything is leaking but I have no idea where to look to see what's going on. The garage has smelled "more like" 2 stroke jet skis the last couple weeks (it always smells with the skis in it, but it's been worse) and this is probably why. If anyone can point me in the direction of what to look for I would be appreciative. I'm guessing if there is a leak it isn't fast, since after 2 weeks it's not super full or anything.

    Edit: I pulled off the hose going into the gas tank so I could get a look inside - there is still gas in there but I can't really tell how much (probably ~2 gallons is my estimate). Most of the hoses going to the gas tank are somewhat clear (or look like they used to be clear but have become tinged yellow over time). I was thinking I might park the trailer on a hill and spray the hull with water to try to flush out the oil/gas and then see if more leaks - I can't say 100% for sure if this happened "while" I was riding it, or if it slowly started happening after it was parked. Any advice for either scenario?

    Edit 2: I flushed out the ski which got about 80% of the oil out - looks like it was JUST oil and water, no gas. After some inspection, looks like it might actually be leaking out of the oil tank itself - the person before me sealed it off but it looks like he just used a screw/bolt and a clamp to seal it, and the clamp was pretty loose. I tightened the clamp and will see if more leaks out - I can tell that the oil tank is almost half full. Not sure why they didn't drain it before sealing it, ugh. Anyway, any idea the best way to get the rest of the oil out of the bottom of the hull? I'm thinking a towel and just let it soak it up, squeeze it out into a can, and do that over and over again until all the oil is gone. Is there a better way to get it up? There is a lot of it still in the hull and I need to clean off a lot of the stuff that's been sitting in it also. Thanks so much in advance!

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    1) as far as getting the oil out, tipping it back, open the drain plugs and run some water thru the front will get a majority of it out, when have a hull thats got a lot of oil in it, i do that, but spray some purple power or dishwashing detergent in there first to break down the oil, since the oil floats to the top, this helps and then i use a wet vac to suck the oil out of the top while the water runs down the bottom, if you don't have a wet vac try one at the local car wash, just don't do it while the owner is walking around but with some good suction, detergent, and water flowing from front to back you can get 99.9% of the oil out

    2) as far as how it got there... hmm, is the crank or pto leaking out the seals maybe ? if you get 99% of the oil and gunk out , store it flat and check it every 24 hours with a flashlight and a mirror, maybe you can see where the drip is coming from, could be something simple like an oil line with a pin hole in it or something... i'm sure a more seasoned mechanic will chime in on where to start looking, i'm better at cleaning than wrenching myself.

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    Well I managed to clean up all the oil. I tilted everything forward a bit and then siphoned from the pool that formed right behind the gas tank. Once I couldn't siphon any more out, I tilted up so everything ran towards the back, soaked as much up with a sponge as possible (squeezing it out into a bucket), and then used a half dozen terry cloths to soak up the rest. Everything is spic n span now. After tightening the line coming out of the oil tank, no more leakage. I went ahead and siphoned as much oil out of the tank as possible since it isn't hooked up to anything anymore, and plan on draining out the rest of the oil tonight. Seems like it was just a silly mistake (tank not being drained by previous owner before converting to premix) and nothing major, thank goodness.

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