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Thread: 2012 Kawasaki's

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    Smile 2012 Kawasaki's

    Anyone have any info on when we will see the 2012's? Any good rumors?

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    Ya, I bet just BNG. I do think there are some ponies left in 300x mill if they need it. But the other OEM's seem content with their current HP levels so it wouldn't make sense to me if KAW started upping the HP if no one steps up to challenge them to do it. I would think that they would "cover" what YAM did and make the 2 stroke stand up a "competition only" model though.

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    The Yamaha's and Sea Doo's are out now when will we see the new Kawi's.

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    I'd like to see the kandy green from 2010 on a 2012 300X

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    2011 N/A champ 2011-2012 turbo champ elpeladodelsamba's Avatar
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    i spoke to my dealer here in uruguay and in a month he has them here, different colour . has less green and more black he told me he liked the 2011 anyways

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    I wonder if the STX-15f will be back for 2012?

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    I heard that it was going to come with one forged piston, an anvil on the port side, lock washers on the hoodpin, a hybrid engine with a 7qt oil pan, and locktite on the prop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AquaGuy View Post
    I wonder if the STX-15f will be back for 2012?
    I bet yes. That is there entry level Ski

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    I think they are adding a tinted windshield, with interval wipers. Oh and an alarm system with remote power locks.

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    I'd like to see a cosmetic upgrade (only - no mechanical changes!) to the 15f, I love my 06 but have to admit that she's looking dated compared to the ultra's and other brands etc.
    Especially as others may start looking to the green brand with the amount of interest raised by the 300x.

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