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    stx 1100 di cylinder question

    Hey all,

    I recently purchased a 2000 stx 1100 with a bad engine. After tearing it down, I found that the #2 and #3 pistons/small end bearings got hot for some reason (small end bearings discolored on both) Further, the pistons fitted were the largest oversize Kaw offers and a chunk of the liner in #3 was missing (between transfers) I decided to go with another cylinder and bought one from a forum member (thanks chris) My question is this: my cylinder is painted grey- the one I bought is the bright blue/turquoise... does this mean it was from a carbureted 1100? Can I use a carbureted 1100 cylinder on the direct injection engine?


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    Quote Originally Posted by kyle01 View Post
    Can I use a carbureted 1100 cylinder on the direct injection engine?
    You are right that you bought a carbed 3-cylinder jug.
    Since you have both jugs you can compare what might be able to see/find the difference in features/dimensions.

    If they are perfeclty interchabeable, I would think Kawi would have used it. Since they DIDN'T, there must be a good reason why.
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    port timings are slightly different... great.

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    My cylinder was damaged beyond repair also and I got a replacement off as I recall an 1100 ZXI. The old cylinder was a dark grey color and the ZXI is a turquoise or aqua marine color. Casting numbers on both are identical. The only thing I did run into was I had to pull all the studs out of the STX DI cylinder and put them in the ZXI. Apparently the DI has a thicker cylinder head. Oh, also forgot, a few of the exhaust studs are a little shorter also, but you can use them as is, just delete the spacer from under the nut.

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    hey, thanks a lot! i've already sourced another cylinder... so if anyone you know needs one i've got one!

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