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    what size turbo?

    what size turbo is most running? say 1.0 liter to the new 1.8 liter engine. even some rotax's

    looking at:


    not looking at anything bigger because not going for more than 250-300 hp and hoping to minimize lag time. won't be running high boost or anything over 12psi.

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    Almost nobody runs it as it is really expensive but H20 has a kit with the Garrett GT30R available.
    You dont say anything else so hard to say but remember if your running the turbo, your ECU will have to be changed to map the new values.
    Fuel curve will be kind of scary etc... Maybe injectors, etc... Piping is the most difficult, I would say. Remember it's not just a matter of bending the pipes but you have to add in the water jackets so it gets to be an enormous proposition. why it is expensive.

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    yes, agree. i got majority of that covered. will not be running stock ecu but in favor of a stand alone ecu. there are larger injectors that drop right in my fuel rail and throttle bodies. Fuel and timing is fully mapable with the aem ems-4, I will be using existing exhaust manifold with a stainless adapter to run the turbo. will be double wall water jacketed piping from the mainfold to the turbo then from the turbo out to the exhaust exit. The gt30 seems a little big for my application as im only 1 liter or 1052cc's. but the 10k rpm redline might offset this. and only looking to run low boost and make 200-250hp.

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    I was hoping to use the EMS-4 on my FZR, however the inability to control throttle-by-wire was a turnoff

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    yeah, i would just convert to a standard throttle body. ive had very good luck with the aem products on high hp street honda's ive built. with the ems, their c2di ignition , and the pensil coils. So going to try mu luck with the ems-4 since its not as feature packed as a universal ems and its small footprint. should fit the bill for what i want to do with it. too bad its goin on a mr-1 and not a sho motor. but see what i can get it to do. just hopefully choosing a descent turbo.

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    think ive settled for the gt28rs the disco potato. with a tial stainless v band exhaust housing.
    62 trim compressor (.60 A/R) 76 trim turbine (.86 A/R) ball bearing center section.

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