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    2004 msx 140

    I need a hand to figure this one out. I bought this ski with 60 hrs and a torn down engine that had been sitting for 2 years, from a friend. I had a Polaris mechanic rebuild it. New pistons/pots, reman crank/rods. I installed the engine and hooked every up. Drained the oil and gas and put in fresh fluids. Installed a new battery and fired it up. I putted around for a couple of days and put on 70 km. Now when I ride it for a while then shut it off the ski is hard to get going. I have to feather the throttle and if/when it does start it dies when I let go of the throttle. I noticed pressure under the gas cap so I tried to ride with the cap loose. It still is hard or wont start after riding for a while. I am stumped. Any suggestions?
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    Read through this link,lots of great info.Especially info about your TPS,it causes problems similar to yours.

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    pressure in the gas tank isn't the problem. Make sure you use marine gas and not any gas from the local gas station.

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