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    spark plugs advice

    hi guys
    i put in a fresh set of plugs and rode for 2 hours, what do u think of it, to me it looks lean.
    i have a HKS afr on idle is 12.5, 4000 is at 13.5/14, WOT is 11.5.
    spent most of the day around thr 4500, 5000 cruising with a group.
    should i be worried??..

    regards kiet

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    Your afrs are good a tad rich a wot I wouldnt worry those plugs look fine. Put them back in and enjoy your spark is created on the inners not the outside of the electrode hence the slight ash on power stroke, Just use good gas if your at a cheapo station try another one.

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    they always say when checking your plugs never do it on a new set. it doesn't give an accurate reading

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    thanks for the reply guys
    feel alot better now...

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