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    Ultra/STXR carb ?

    i rebuilt my carbs last winter and my mag side piston is running a bit lean. i've ridden the thing maybe an hour all summer and i want to richen up the carb a tad before i sell the ski. i want to open the pilot a bit, but i can't see it with the carbs on. is there a way to adult the pilot without pulling the carbs off? thanks.

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    My mag cylinder is running more rich than the other two right now but usually they are all the same. That indicates a problem with the other two carbs in my case.
    I don't really know what you are asking but the carbs are not adjustable. There may be a problem with the needle and seat, diaphragm or maybe even an air leak on that particular cylinder. I would fix the problem right away because a lean condition will destroy your engine.

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    Yes, they're adjustable, no, you can't do it without removing the carbs. Keep in mind that this doesn't alter the high speed mixture.

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