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    red blinking light and stalls out on 1050

    hello - I thoughjt I would have a great weekend on the lake with my 96 sltx and new updated cdi and stator from partspit stop but after running for 10 minutes, it died! It took 20 minutes before it would start again, as I bobbed around the water looking like a dummy. It finally started but only ran about 2 minutes then died again _ would not start till the next day! Anyone help me with suggestions? Much appreciated - Ross

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    and what does that blinking red light mean?? My waverunner does the same thing but it is only the oil sensor. Anyone have an owners manual or a link to one?

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    Usually with the blinking there is warning message.-oil-temp-low power-fuel.

    It's normal for it to blink when starting-not while running.

    Was the engine over heating ?

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    it didn't seem to be hot - only ran for 10 minutes at the most before it quit - it ran perfect until it shut down - any suggestion on what to check or look for?

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    casey67 - I had the tech check again and there is "hot" temp warning. He says that the rear cylinder is fouling also and suspects the coil?? any ideas?

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    he found some specs and says that the coil tested high on that cylinder - need help finding one.....thanx
    he said he unplugged the MFD and there was no fire at all?? Is this normal

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    actually he says that it has intermittent spark on that PTO - .......but would that cause a "hot" message and shut down?

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