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    2002 Polaris Virage 700 No Spark No Start

    Have a 2002 polaris virage 700 that i'm trying to get running. Ran great last year. Starter was just recently replaced then the bendix went so I put a new one in. It cranked then but didn't have spark. Now it won't even turn over unless you jump the solenoid. So, I thought the solenoid was bad so it was replaced along with a new CDI (4010803). Now I still have the same problem, no spark and you have to jump the solenoid in order to turn the motor over. Any body have any ideas??? I've been searching the forums for a similar issue but haven't found one.

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    What is the battery voltage while cranking ? Needs to be at least 10.6v.

    The LR-505 will affect the cranking and also CDI power supply,you need to test it.
    Look through this link,find info to bypass the LR.

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    Battery is over 10.6v while cranking. Tried to bypass the LR module but it didn't do anything unless I did it incorrectly? I disconnected all wires from the LR and grounded the B/W wire?

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