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    1997 GTX InfoCenter and Speedometer not working

    This is a 1997 GTX (787 Engine)
    My hood popped open and went under water, since then, only my tachometer is functional. Both the Infocenter and Speedometer are not working, completely dead.
    The ski still runs, perfect,other than the guages.
    I have checked my MPEM and both the 5amp and 15amp fuses are ok
    I have checked all wiring harnesses and visually they appear ok
    I get my normal 2 beeps when the DESS key is attached
    Pushing or holding in the MODE and or SET buttons appear to do nothing
    Like i said other than the 2 gauges, the ski runs normally

    My next step is to check continuitity on all of the harnesses, to make sure i do not have
    any opens.

    Just wondering if anyone has any tips on this or heard of this symptom before. I do not
    wish to purchase a new MPEM if i dont have to.

    Could it be the infocenter gauge itself?
    Are there any other fuses that i need to check?

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated, Thanks,


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    Looks like your gauge probably failed and not your mpem. These gauges are known to go bad, but before you decide to buy one take your hood bottom cover off to get into all the gauges and connections as maybe something went bed up there. Look to see if the gauge has any cut or ripped wires along with the seal around it allowing water inside. If all checks out good i would then think your gauge that went bad.

    Thank you and good luck


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