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    Angry 2001 polaris virage running issues!

    ok ive been messing with this thing off and on all summer!sometimes it will start and run and most of the time it will not.i have checked the voltage at the injectors and it fluctuates from say around 9-15-19 volts.when it does hit around 19 it will start and run and quickly jump to around 39 volts.heres the problem im facing.i have tested resistance on the stator and its good, i sent the emm to dfi and it tested fine on static testing and the actual boat test! so now i have pulled the engine confident that i had a loose flywheel magnet,but nope they're all nice and snugg.can anyone please help me figure this problem out??? im at the end of my rope on this one! any help is VERY appreciated

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    Couple of questions: When you checked the stator you did check for resistance to ground on all pins correct? There should be no contact to ground on any pin. Did you check the stator cranking voltages? Also, you could possibly have a capacitor going bad. You can check it with a meter. As soon as you shut down the engine check and see if the voltage bleeds down on the cap. If it does it abruptly then it is likely bad. If its a steady decline over a few seconds its probably not the issue. Make sure your battery is good and able to provide at least 10.6 volts while cranking the engine.

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    no i didnt check stator cranking do i check the voltage and what should voltage be? can i crank the engine while its out of jetski to check my voltage? also i wont be able to check the capacitor until i reinstall the engine.thanks for the help

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    Here are the stator specs with cranking voltages between the listed pins below. Note that the battery must be fully charged. As for checking it outside the ski, I suppose you could as long as the spark plugs are installed so you get the same cranking RPM. I know you have already checked the resistance values but just incase you want to double check them be sure to take into account the calibration of your meter. Touch your leads together first and see if it reads zero, if not subtract that value from your actual test reading since the values are so small.

    12 Volt Stator Winding Resistance

    (Pins: 1 and 12 / 2 and 11)

    0.1 - 0.3

    45 Volt Stator Winding Resistance

    (Pins: 3 and 10 / 4 and 9 / 5 and 8

    0.3 - 0.5

    Stator Pins: 1 -- 12 (Each) to Ground

    Stator Cranking Voltage (Approximate)

    1 and 12 7Vac

    2 and 11 7Vac

    3 and 10 5Vac

    4 and 9 5Vac

    5 and 8 5Vac

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