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    VTS works but only moves slightly from the down position then stops.

    2007 RXP VTS works but only moves slightly from the down position then stops. The gauge shows 1 then 2 bars then jumps to the full up position and motor stops. I have bench tested the motor and it works freely in both directions.The discharge snout also works freely. Any thoughts?

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    Are you pressing the button slowly? I know on my 2011 wake pro if you hit the button twice rapidly it will jump to the highest position, same for hitting the down button twice rapidly...

    at first I thought mine wasn't working but figured it out, just have to hit it slowly and let it move up or down before hitting it again.

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    open the cover, and see if the motor mounts are broken/ rotted. What year VTS is it?

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    Mine did the same thing. I pulled it all apart, lubed everything well (soaked the motor with WD-40) and it started working again. I'm not certain but I believe the electronics encased in the housing sense a build up in resistance for limit switches on the travel. If it is sticking the unit will change direction or just quiver back and forth. I had already ordered a new housing by the time I figured this out so I went ahead and installed the new unit. They are NOT cheap!

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    mine did this on my 07, it was the housing. I bought a used one off here and it works fine now.

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