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    need help with 04 gtx ltd

    hey guys, been dealing with this issue for over a month now, getting to the end. ski has 88 hrs on it. originally what happened was the reverse cable lock broke, filled bottom 3 inches. i started. OIL came on. shut down. start again and ran it for about 10 mins back to town. oil looks good, flushed anyway with 4 quart. next time out i get H-TEMP at WOT. it had cavated previously,so i keep investigating. ordered an aluminum housing and switched everything over. my ski still cavatates a bit out of the hole and i get the H-TEMP when i hold er WOT for more than 10 seconds or so. the thing runs awesome till the last push (past 7000 rpm. one minute it will grab 7650, the next only 7200. any ideas? i had s/c done by jerry in spring. could it be too much oil? was just searching forum and seen something about the j-pipe pissers and the t-stat update to the 160?thinking tommorow going to pull j-pipe and check pissers. also installing a OEM wear ring as i have a WSM one in right now. i am also running the three blade prop from early 4-tecs. (mine is a 04 prototype) so its built to the 03 standards i think. thanks alot for the help and suggestions. i also check for codes but nothing, but also seen i have to leave it running to work, but i think im ok for sensors as this is only when WOT. i could cruise all day long at 6700rpm.

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    With the ski outa the water...have you tried taking the water line off the j-pipe...blowing air back through the pump?

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    when its running and throwing the alarm, press set button 5 times fast, see if any codes are coming up.
    early 4tecs had an oil pump or oil sensor issue, i cant recall which it was.
    i am leaning towards a water flow issue, start following the hoses that run from the transom aka raw water hose up into the ski, pull them off and manually backflush them.
    then also pull the j pipe and check the pissrs like you said.
    the H temp i think is just an exhaust sensor, not a engine temp sensor, if it was engine temp it would go into limp mode or throw more codes.
    look up on the forums waterbox overheat or something like that, someone has discussed it before, what the H temp alarm actually signifies...

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