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    How to use an 2005 engine in a 2006 GTX?

    I have a 2006 GTX with a bad block. I have all the other parts from the 06. If I find an older engine (2004-2005) that is complete and running, can I swap that engine into my machine, plug it in and go? I am guessing I will have to remove a few parts off the '05 and replace with my 06 parts? Which parts do I have to swap? Is it just a few parts and off I go, or do I have to do some reprogramming and other stuff that requires my dealer?


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    search the treads as there was talk about this before, you cant just plug and go as they changed the engines electrics etc after 05 you need to change the front oil pump assy and pto housing with the tdc sensor and the flywheel, BUT the pin that locates the flywheel and trigger wheel is in a different spot and there was a post saying how to line it up so it will work i just cant remember off hand.
    The block etc will all fit fine it mainly the fact they changed the type and location of the tdc sensor in the pto housing.

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