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    virage TXi Sluggish in water only

    Hello all! A newbie I am, but not green by any means
    I picked this bike up from a friend for all of 200 bux, on the premise he didn't want to f with it any longer. The fuel, spark plugs, as well as the top end was changed, problem still present. Runs really good out of the water(you even breathe on the switch it eagerly fires up), but bogs down under load in the water(not by experience, have yet to dip it myself). He says the impeller and housing are both free, so im guessing its not anything related to the output side. My first guess was this could be a TPS issue, but logic makes me think it would have the symptoms wet or dry. Anything come to mind?

    Also im not sure what year this thing is, havent even looked at the hull plate yet. I recall there was no i in the TXi sticker on the side, but it is indeed A Ficht injected bike, has the injection sticker up by the extinguisher door

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    Yes,TPS is possible.
    You really need to check fuel pressure.
    K447 wrote several threads to test Ficht systems,try "tech tips".

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    The first thing I would check is fuel pressure at the scrader valve. Must be at least 20 PSI.

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    So checked the pressure, its all good. Reading steady state of 23psi. I find it to be fairly erratic in running however. It will wrap out to 7000 one moment, then get sluggish and stop revs at 4000-4500....
    Also FWIW this is a 01 Virage

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    I would tend to think the TPS has an issue.

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