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    '99 SXi Pro Won't Run Above Idle

    My '99 SXi Pro has developed a problem where it won't run above idle in the water or on the trailer. It will run all day long at idle speeds, but as soon as I blip the throttle it dies. I've checked the in tank filters as well as the pulse line coming from the crankcase and all is well there. I haven't rebuilt the carbs yet, but maybe that's the next step.

    It weird because this problem started 6 weeks or so ago. On that trip the ski started perfectly when we launched it but wouldn't run over idle. I rode it around the lake for 5 minutes or so at idle speeds and then everything was fine. On the next trip same thing. Almost like the fuel system needed to be "primed" before riding hard. This last trip it ran strong for an hour or so right off the trailer (no "priming" required) then started acting up again.

    I started it on the trailer yesterday and it runs fine on the hose at idle. As soon as I give it any throttle it dies. I looked down inside the carbs and don't see any fuel entering the carb bores when I hit the throttle. Once it dies I can hit the choke and it fires right back up and runs fine at idle.

    It almost seems like it gets enough fuel to run the low speed circuits in the carbs all day long, but at higher speeds it's fuel starved. I don't have any experience rebuilding these type of carbs (I used to rebuild dirt bike carbs all the time) and need some advice.

    I've tried both the "on" and "reserve" positions on the fuel knob, no difference. The tank seems to hold pressure as I can hear the "whoosh" when I crack the cap after letting it idle. We ran 7 tanks of fuel through it a few weekends ago with no problems other than having to "prime" it first thing in the morning by idling around for a few minutes, so I don't believe there is water in the fuel. We used the same fuel in our 550 and it runs fine.

    Engine is stock except for K&N filters and Boyensen Reeds. These were added 2 seasons ago and the machine has run fine ever since.

    Anyone have any suggestions???


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    I figured out the problem yesterday. The contacts inside the stop switch housing had corroded and were making intermittent contact. A little sandpaper and the ski is running as good as new! I hope this info helps someone else.

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