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    2001 Polaris Virage TXI Runs Fine Then No Spark

    Would like to get someones opinion that has more experience than me with this. I sent the emm to Dfi and Im still having the same problem. The ski will run like new for about 30min to an hour then just dies. I pulled the plug and no fire. This weekend I waited for it to die then I pulled the positive wire off the battery and held of for 30 seconds or so and put it back then the ski fires right up and runs for another 20min or so then does the same thing and you can just keep pulling the positive lead off and doing the same thing. Any thoughts on this. It seems to me that there has to be something in the computer because of the fact that when I reset it, it runs fine again. THANKS

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    Are all the cooling hoses and fittings clear and in good shape,make sure you are getting good water flow to and through the EMM.

    Any codes ?

    Did you mention to DFI that it is a "when fully warmed up" problem ?

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    I checked the cooling lines and there clear and pumping water. I did go over the symptoms with DFI. I'm thinking about trying the TPS ive been reading up on it and it seems that this may be the issue. Does anyone know where to get one? THANKS

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    You could also have a stop/start module going out. I would bypass it as see what you get. Take a look here at K447's page for instructions and see if that cures it.


    And as Casey mentioned, you could make the LED tool and see if there are codes stored in the EMM. The TPS can do crazy things but I would think if it will run for 30 minutes and you can make it run again by disconnecting the battery that is likely not the issue. Just a thought and I could be wrong but I could see the module overheating a freaking out and killing the engine.

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    I was having a similar problem with my ski, except shorter periods of time. Would shut off and then not crank. Pull battery cable and reconnect and then would crank and start. Would run for about 2 minutes, shut off and not crank again. Replaced the LR start stop module and it cured the problem.

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    Ok i took the ski out this weekend and it never died (quit firing). It did die several times and would act like it was running out of gas. I found a TPS sensor on ebay and had it overnighted so I swithched it out and the problem got worse. Now it is real slugish off the bottom and then whenever it feels like it will run great. I forgot to mention it started doing this the last time I took it out after I reset it a few times with the battery cable. What really gets me about this thing is it runs great in the driveway. I think I'm going to buy a new tps sensor it seems like I seen a link somewhere on here about an outboard motor one that would cross over. Then I guess maybe start checking into the LR module. Let me know what you think any input is greatly appreciated. FYI this ski is like brand new it has maybe 30hrs on it. THANKS

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