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    Extended steering/turn nozzle for Kawasaki Zxi 1100 -97


    Im been looking everywhere for an extended steering/turn nozzle for my kawasaki zxi 1100 - 97, the only thing i found was some instructions for a some homemade version, anyone knows where i can buy one or maybe sell me one?

    All lenghths interesting

    Regards from Sweden

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    Don't know. What are you trying to accomplish.

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    Ive heard that it helps you to do tighter turning, i ride in a big lake with very choppy water and i want to be able to turn faster while cruising looking for a wave to jump.
    I wanna try it out anyway for myself.

    Got the shredmaster, skattrak swirl and good intake grate

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    There is a thread on how to build your own because of how hard they are to find. The bell pertion was never changed on the aftermarket ones so all you need to do is lengthen the end.
    The DIY version works just as well as an aftermarket.

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