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    Ultra 150 flywheel puller

    I want to get a flywheel puller for my Ultra 150. I see them for 900/1100's. But nothing for the 1200 motor. I read somewhere that it's a 31 x 1.5mm? Can anyone shed some light on this?

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    I've got one for the 900/1100, it's 35mm x 1.5

    They're expensive. I looked all over the place and ended up paying about $50. After I got it, I learned that SBT had them for about half that price.

    I have not pulled the flywheel on my Ultra. The service manuals give different part numbers, and the one I have for the 1100 looks nothing like the manual.

    Measure the thread diameter of your flywheel.

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    word of caution, donot use an impact on pullers.

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    If you search that thread size on ebay, a flywheel puller for some oddball italian motorcycle shows up and that will work. I think I payed $25-30 for it.

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