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    gp1300r backfires

    have 06 gpr1300r that bogs when you give throttle and backfires really bad. can call me or pm me at 817-5970-0105

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    backfires out the back or out the intake?

    probably a broken reed pedal

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    Nope. Checked all reed pedals they are good. It backfires out the exhaust. 120 across the board on compression, no codes, d-plate with a radio shack 2 ohm resistor cat temp sensor. My guys thought the fuel pressure was low at 25lbs. so they replaced the fuel pump assembly and it did not make a difference. WFO I tried to call you but you do not have a number posted anywhere!! our number is 817-597-0105 Thanks

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    Mine back fires with a d plate and a straight threw exhaust

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