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    So I found a killer deal on a 650 ski to repair my 750 motor. Swap jugs-my rebucarbs

    93 -650 to 95-750

    1 same oil pump right ?
    2 stator ?
    3 top end gasket kit
    4 how to test oil pump ,caused broke rod in first place. Pre mix this time????
    5 use my rebuilt carbs, 2 good jugs, pick 1 up.
    6 going OP flame arrestors, rejett remove choke and add primer kit

    Any tips

    Maybe redo 650 later if I can get good deal over winter

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    1. yes

    2. no install your 750 stator and flywheel

    3. get a 750 gasket set

    4. I can't tell you how to test the pump. I prefer premix myself

    5. Use your carbs and instake manifold if the 650 uses the 3 seperate pieces

    6. Just open the highs another 1/2 turn and watch your piston wash

    NOTE: you're going to have some cooling routing differences between the 92-93 and 94 and newer

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    You can test the oil pump using a hand drill with 3/8 dia drill bit or a rod and a section of 3/8 ID tubing.

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    thanks for the help ..the 250mi ride ea way was a bust ''freeze damage'' getting a long block and a jug & crank to fix old motor, good deal.

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