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    97 gp 1200 trim tabs and other stuff

    just got a 97 gp 1200....trim tabs toast...stock intake grate....bent upward ride plate....this thing runs great but at 61 i cant take the beating....please someone help an old man out...tried to look for trim tabs,no luck....this things gonna break its my first pwc......

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    trim tabs are not available anymore new.. there is a pdf floating around here in old school that has the measurements you need to get them done by a machinest.. look for it in search ..( I think it was KRISPAINTBALLS that posted a link to it).. as to the breaking you I am assumming ride and bounce issues.. QUICKEST WAY out of the bounce is to shim the plate down in back with ss washers to drive the nose in and keep the pump full of water.. use about 1/2 inch stack on the rear along with longer bolts ... this will slow you down but I think your looking for ride overall and not speed... with a 1200 you have enough power to shim the other way to bring the hull out of the water and this will also stop the bounce at high speeds but you will still be transitioning thru that bounce at lower speeds..

    Also read the sticky on 97-99 GP setups posted by PISTONWASH at the top of oldschool...Lots of good info on the GP
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    Here are the specs:
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