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    2001 Seadoo GTI starting issue

    Greetings Gents....

    Got a 01' SeaDoo GTI that has been giving me a headache and I'm sure you smart mo' fo's can help.

    So when I plug in the key it does the normal beep, then 50/50 when I push the starter it either warning beeps even louder and won't crank or cranks very sluggishly. The weird part is if I pull the plugs and ground them on the post then crank it, the sound and strength of the crank is much smoother. My guess would have been bad ground but unless there are others that I have missed they all seem to check out.


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    Could be a bad battery or starter or solenoid. The seadoos give a warning beep if the battery voltage drops too low when starting. I would try a known good battery first and go from there. Thats most likely the problem. Just dont try starting it with a battery charger connected. You can jump it with another battery or jump box but be careful.

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    Yes sir...the battery is charged and I did try another known good batt with the same results. I also cleaned the batt connections and main ground. Also I tried using a zip tie around the DESS key to see if maybe it was loss on the post. What's weird is how it will crank so much stronger with the plugs removed and the wires on the ground post, seems like that is backwards to me.

    I read elsewhere that shortening the plug wire itself 1/4 at a time may solve this issue. Anyone know anything about this tactic and why it works?

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    I think I would check the starter itself. Sounds like one of the poles is shorted in the starter's armature. The short will cause a drop in battery voltage causing the alarm to go off sometimes. Spin the engine over with the plugs in for a few seconds and see if the battery cables get warm. If they do then its still a lose or dirty connection or a bad starter. Be sure to check the cables going to/from the solenoid too.
    Somewhere I read that an engine will turn over faster with the sparkplugs in rather than out. I can't see how that could be a true statement. As far as the plug wires being on the ground post, That shouldn't matter either way.

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