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    Paypal Money Being Held

    Guys - Becareful using your paypal account, apparently I was withdrawing money too often from my account (i.e. buying stuff and transferring to my bank account) and paypal didn't like that. They are now holding the money I receive for 21 days after it comes into my account!!

    I guess they see me as a risk because I do a lot of transactions but don't usually have a large balance in my account, even though I have a spotless selling record on here, eBay, and other forums.

    Evidently they are going to monitor my account for a month or two and then determine if they need to continue holding to money.

    It sucks but, I guess they are just trying to protect everybody.

    Just a heads up for you guys....

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    If you send and receive gifts so no fees, they do that. It sucks but they do. Create a new account and be done.

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    I had something similar happen last summer, except I was transferring from my bank account to paypal acct & then found out that my bank acct had a limit on how many transaction per month, one was denied to paypal, they blacklisted my acct & cannot be used again to transfer money in or out. So now I just have a credit card linked & there is not limit on # of transactions. Live & learn.

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    paypal ! thats the problem !

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    Sound like they are trying to make some interest on your money. If they did that to every one they can make allot of money.

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    key words " alot of MONEY

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