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    Raider 1100 intake grate

    i got a waveraider 1100 i have an ocean pro top loader intake grate and a protec ride plate,on gps i hit just over 60mph yesterday,i was talking to a guy on the water who i raced and he told me he had a raider and lost a ton of top speed with the ocean pro top loader intake grate,he told me to cut the wings off and i would pick up 5 mph on glass,anyone got a clue if this is true or how much this grate is taking off my top speed?

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    not sure of the raider but the GP with the wings removed is faster..Only issue I would have would be that the raider may need those wings to make it more stable at high speeds to help with the dredded left turn issue that the hull had ..A couple of the raider guys may chime in to help with this thread further..

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    cutting wings off will net maybe 1-2 mph tops on glass water. the only mod that would give you 5mph would be a big bore ported motor. advice: avoid the 5mph guy!

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