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    Pump bearings bad plus water in cylinders

    Ski is a 03 gp1300r that Is lightly modded as listed in sig.

    Just bought new housing with the plastic replaceable wear ring and it's already completely chewed up after just a couple hours. The prop is nicked a bit and scarred but nothing horrible. Is this a bearing issue or could it be prop? I can't post pics or do a proper search as Internet is down from the hurricane. I do have a previous thread with pics which I will pull up and link.

    Also as I was troubleshooting this yesterday I found water in my cylinders. I cranked with plugs out until just a fine mist was coming out then slapped everything together real quick and went out and ran her hard for half an hour. Engine missed for a sec about 5 seconds into first run but that was it. Seemed fine for entire ride.
    Question I have is most posts relate to people finding water quickly whereas I believe mine is from hurricane on Saturday. In other words I found it three days later. Do same steps apply here as to steps when people realize ithappens immediately?

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    Pics of prop on page 2.

    To clarify myself a bit I'm asking if the damaged prop is causing wear ring damage or if bearings are more than likely shot. I know I need to get prop fixed but after not riding for several weeks whole repairing a d waiting on parts last time I just didnt want to wait any longer on sending the prop off as winter is closer than farther

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    Pull the pump out and turn the impeller/drive shaft by hand and see how the bearings feel. If they are not sloppy, then they are probably fine, and your chewed up impeller is to blame. If your impeller is chewed up, it will destroy the plastic wear ring in a hurry.

    Salt water sitting in your crank case for 3 days is NOT good. Sounds like you got it out, but who knows what the damage is. A bad rod bearing can take out the case and cylinder, if it fails.

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    The bearings dont feel sloppy. the shaft spins freely and easily but does feel as if it has a decent amount of "drag torque" on it, not sure if it's supposed to.
    Man I was hoping to go thru the season without shipping the prop off.

    As far as water are there any preventative measures to do as far as lube that the oil wouldnt be able to help with or a corrosion preventer? My main concern is putting the ski in storage mode for the winter and pulling it out in the spring and the motor being trashed.

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    You could always touch the prop up with a file for now, just to take the sharp edges down, and send it off this winter to be professionally repaired. As far as off season storage, ALWAYS ALWAYS use "fogging oil" before putting it away for the year. Especially if you're in a salt water environment.

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    Yeah I'm planning on using a fogging oil in the winter for sure. Just nervous that damage may be done internally already. Guess I'll have to wait and see

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