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    Angry Introducing myself and NEED HELP on SPX!!

    Well first off I wanted to introduce myself to the Forum. Ive been lurking on here for quite some time and have gotten tons of info. from here. I live in the Cincinnati Ohio area and mostly frequent Lake Cumberland Kentucky and the Ohio River where i have a house and dock. Ive grown up on the water and mostly been into Go fast boats and have lots of knowledge in those. Just 2 months ago I bought a 1996 Seadoo SPX to have some fun around the dock and let my brother play on. Ive had 2 other skis in the past, one being a 95 SPI last year and also a 94 XP. I really love this SPX, fun little ski in great shape.

    Heres where I need help and have become so Frustrated. When i bought the ski It ran awesome off the low end, Would surge on top end, so i flushed the whole fuel system, changed the grey lines to some fresh black lines. New inline filters. Cleaned the Carbs and also rebuilt them. New spark plug caps, New spark plugs, Fresh gas. Took the ski last weekend to the river and it ran awesome all weekend, never had any problems with it. Then this week I fired it up on the trailer to make sure the battery was charged before dumping into the water. Backed into the water and it fires up then dies, fires then dies. After a few cycles it will not even crank and the alarm gives a long beep. Let it sit for alil while then it fired up ran for about 30 seconds and then the same situation. I unplugged the temp sensor but still had the same issue. Tried it again last night and the thing ran awesome all evening. Went back out again this morning just to check and its back to the beeping b.s!! At this point I dont even know what to try?? Someone else ever have any of this weird problem? My gut is telling me some type of wiring issue.


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    So I come home from work, go out and hit the start button. Fires right up and is running fine. Anyone have any ideas of this sporatic behavior?? Its very hard to plan anything when you dont know if the damn thing is going to act up.

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    Post this in the 2-Stroke section. You might get a little better response that what you are getting from the 4-stroke guys. Just a thought.

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    One thing you have to do is keep the battery fully charged. buy a battery tender it is a float charger. and keep it on the ski until ready to use. Your ski has a 720 I think. I know my 96 XP had a 800 but if the battery eve got weak your day of riding was toast.
    Hope this helps.

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