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    99xpl tps sensor?

    Hi all, what's the symptoms of a tps not set correct on a 99xpl?? What's the best way to set 1? Thanks in advance!

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    check the voltage and see how it changes past 80% throttle.

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    The test for a TPS.
    First the TPS when working properly, sends out 5 volts vdc between zero throttle and 80 % throttle, after 80% throttle, it sends zero vdc to the mpem.
    If you see 5 vdc at full throttle, you need to adjust the TPS by loosening the jamb nut on the throttle cable adjuster . It is inline in the throttle cable). Adjust the adjuster until you get zero volts after 80% throttle.

    To test it you need to connect the voltage meter leads to the wires coming off the TPS ( located under the oil tank on XPL's) Connect the voltmeter between the black/white and a ground. Do not unplug the TPS harness, slip the test lead in along the wire to the switch ( a paper clip works good here) . Depress the stop switch once to power up the ignition system. It will stay on for 30 seconds. Then pull the throttle lever to around 80%, the voltmeter should read zero after 80% throttle. If it does not show zero voltage after 80%, adjust it. If you cannot adjust it to get zero voltage after 80%, replace the throttle cable.

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    do your best to get the cable adjusted, a new one is about as expensive as a government funded personal waste disposal system.

    oh yeah...

    May sea lice infest the group that thought a sensor on the throttle cable was a good idea...

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    i just purchased a new tps with the cable, the old one read 7 volts and jumped around after full throttle. the new one reads a consistant 5 volts, no matter what way i adjust it, it doesnt drop to zero after 80%

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