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    Same old question - Help me pick a ski...

    I currently have a 97 Seadoo XP and 99 Kawasaki Ultra 150. My wife and I ride them on Granbury Lake in Texas. The lake conditions vary, from 2' chop to glass. She likes to cruise around, I ride pretty aggressive. I love the speed of my Ultra, it'll stretch your arms, but will beat you up in the chop. Love the ride on the XP, handles chop great, but isn't fast enough.

    Looking for low hour used - haven't seen many VXR/S out there used so that probably eliminates those. Considering '08 or newer SHO's, '09 or newer HO's or the FZR/S. Not having ridden any, my initial thoughts are towards the SHO or FZ, thinking the FZ may be more tossable and fun than the SHO and still handle the 2' chop better than what I have now. Thoughts? I'm afraid the HO won't satisfy my need for speed regarding acceleration. I'll probably leave them all stock, except for a grate on the FZ if I go that route.

    Ride/Handling - Every ski I've ridden on has it's own characteristics. I haven't ridden any of the above Yamahas. I want something that handles the chop better than my Ultra, but has close/similar speed and acceleration. I don't want something that rides/handles like a boat either, a friend has a '03 Kawasaki 900 STX and it's boring. I want something that handles the chop better, but can still be tossed around and have fun on. For you guys that own or have ridden the entire line and maybe the sames skis I have, tell me what you think.

    Fuel Economy - I might get 70 miles of riding out of the Ultra per tank. More mpg would be nice, but I'd rather have speed over economy, as long as it's not a whole lot worse than what I've got now. I know the SHO and FZ line will use twice the gas at WOT than the HO, but at a 40-50 mph cruise, do they still use twice the gas?

    Everyone keeps telling me how I need to make the jump to 4 stroke and how reliable the Yamahas are. I don't doubt any of that, though I've had great luck with mine. I don't think there is any question that I will be buying Yamaha this time around, just need some help from all of you - tell me your thoughts and expereinces! Thanks!

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    either a used FZR/FZS or save up for the new RXPX (it looks veryyyy good)

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    Im very happy with my FZS, came from a 2000 GTX Limited and you can really see the improvement in the skis over the last 10 years. The FZS is a great all round ski, can't say I have ridden the others but frankly I dont need to, FZS for me.

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    I had an ultra 150 and a gpr at the same time. I liked the gpr much better....I now have the same gpr and an FZR..
    the FZR is so much better that I hardly ride the big bore ported GPR any more.........if you get a chance to ride an fzr/fzs ,a sho, or even an rxp-x ,you will never want to get on that ultra again. These new super skis are like having a mercedes amg but on the water. imho

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    ^ I agree, my FX SHO feels like a Cadillac

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