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    rectifier question?

    i have a 96 xp 800 and was told i am need of a new rectifier. I have one ordered wont be here till next week. was wondering if a rectifier from a vstar motorcycle will do the trick till it arrives i got it from a local seadoo tech it has 3 white 1 red and 1 black wire. I have my box apart and i know the rectifier only has 3 yellow and 1 red and no ground. Can i take the 3 whites and connect them to the three yellows and connect the power reds and it should be good or not a chance. also is there an order two the yellow wires or not, i noticed when pulling the yellows off that two from the rectifier are male and one is female why would that be.

    thanks guys

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    Don't bother. The really old skis don't draw much power. I ran one for several weeks with no rectifier; just charged up the battery every night, overnight, ran several hours each day with no problems.

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    your Rectifier

    I have the same ski and was told that I could bypass the rectifier by pulling the fuse...didnt work(tested same day), then tried to mod the wires togeather(didnt work either)I replaced it and ski has ran perfect ever since. I recomend using the proper parts if you dont you could fry the computer due to over voltage and be stuck mid lake

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