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    Yamaha raider 1100 high comp head

    i want to get a high compression head as my next mod for my raider, can anyone tell me what this will do for my ski and if its a good mod for a raider? also is rejetting a must for the high comp head?

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    Generally speaking, a high compression head will give you better low end throttle response/ stronger acceleration and a slight bump in top speed. But its mostly gives you stronger acceleration.

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    The increase in compression is one of the cheapest and best mods for any ski. Now with that being have to run 150 PSI to stay pump gas safe on a don't go above that unless you have higher then 93 octane. The raider responds well and in terms of change really needed...if anything just open the high's about 1/4 turn and your golden. With the increased compression...I recommend some after market F/A to remove the stock restrictive stuff. Going further...if your wanting massive bottom end can also use a GP1200 stinger....but will cost ya a slight bit of top RPM over the 63M raider one.


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