Battery(new) voltage tested okay for 10.6v during cranking, engine stop switch tested okay, 3 coils to spark plugs and wires tested okay, Exciter coil tested unstatfor resistance and failed the ground test also, Pulser coil and Trigger coil restistanct tested unsat and also failed the ground test.
Question? Can these parts be replaced with new and not have a need to replace the stator coil? Would I need to buy the whole magneto assy with all these parts to enclude the stator coil. I read that there is a upgrade CDI and Stator coil would this include all the other parts that tested unsat also? I do not need to spend more money that required but also need to fix this watercraft. Need some advise on this. Also the manuals do not show a picture or drawing detail of the magneto assy or explain how to change out these parts attached to the stator coil. I have pulled the flywheel and a visual inspection of the flywheel looks very good and the stator coil looks like new. This machine has beed well taken care of by one owner nad only used in freshwater. Please provide any knowledge on this you may have. Thanks