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    idle miss/knocking noise

    Hi I've got a 04 r12x that has a rough idle. While on the water it makes a knocking noise and the rpms are just under 1200. Had this happen once before changed plugs and she was smooth as silk. Tryed plugs this time and no change. The knocking noise seems to go away while on the hose. Top speed seems to be fine and it smooths out after I give it a lil throttle. Fresh gas and seafoam in it with no change. Any ideas. Thanks in advance.

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    Also no fi light or warning buzzer. Really need some help its got me pulling my hair out. At idle while engine is cold it will die ever so often. It always starts right back.

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    Have you adjusted your idle knob? The manual says 1200 RPM in the water. Mine sometimes knock when first start but run great after a little warm-up.

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    Where is this knob? It was running like a champ then all of a sudden started missing at idle now even when on hose at idle it will die pretty often. Give it some throttle and let off it dies everytime.

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    A lil above idle I can unplug coil 1 and it runs no different. I plug Coil one back up unplug coil 2 with no change. Do the Same with 3 and 4 and it starts missing real bad. 2 bad coils?

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    Never mind moved coils around all coils good must be plug or injector not working right.

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    Has anyone had injectors go bad. What about head gasket. Going to try to compression test today. Any other ideas

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    Surely someone has had same problem I'm having. I Ran compression checked one at a time with all plugs out. All seemed pretty even with maybe a lil more on cylinder 1.

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    70 psi of compression on all 4 cylinders. Am I doing something wrong?

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    Normally, you need at least 90 PSI of compression for a gasoline engine to run. Your Honda should have at least 150-180 PSI. Your technique or equipment is flawed in your diagnostics. Go back and recheck your data.

    As for Honda's with fuel injector problems, Yes it is common.


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