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    Sea Doo Stock Rev Limiter

    Hello All. New member who has spent hours viewing this incredible forum. Half of you guys should have been rocket scientists with all the technical knowledge you have instilled in your craft. Question: I have a 2010 rxtx with a Riva stage 1 kit. My test drive it went 72mph wot on the cluster. I decided to removed the intake flame arrester. I also had SpeedFreeks bend a 14/19 impeller for me and I purchased the 81mm venturi. So before I installed the impeller I needed to check the speed and RPM's without the flame arrester. It went 73mph at 8100 rpm's. Out of nowhere I hit a wave. At wot the rpm's shot up to 8889 when the ski became unhooked. HOLLY S__T. Is this normal. I thought the factory rev limiter would not let it go beyond 8100rpm's.

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    move this to the Seadoo performance thread............... definatly isn't normal even for the speedo to show above 70. Usually never goes higher than that.
    Rev limit is 8300.

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