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    Sorry I felt like posting this here because it seems like the most read section. It seems that Kawasaki has dropped their 1200r program! I was utterly shocked infact it doesn't seem like they have any 2 seaters at all that means no ultra and for 3 seaters NO STXR!!!

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    That is EPA 2006 to you.

    Carbureted 2 strokes are banned from production as of jan 1st, 2006.

    Kawasaki pulled a trick by using leftovers SXRs and STX 900 for the last time this year.

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    That sux i looks like we're in for a treat with all the 2 strokes dying off. Can't wait to see what crazy 4 strokes are in our future.

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    All any manufacturer has to do is make a 2 stroke engine able to meet federal emission standards. Outboard manufacturers have done so. Evinrudes E-tec 2 stroke exceeds all the federal standards. Yamahas GPR meets the regulations. So does SD's 3D. Most 2 strokes with fuel injection are 2006 compliant.


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