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    Question 15f Isn't As Fast As I Thought It Would Be... mods or trade?

    I just bought a 2011 15F, 1 hour on her currently... I'm coming from a strictly 2 stroke background. While I must admit I love the power down low and the deep rumble, I thought it would be faster and have more oomph in the mid range. (probably lacking the 2 stroke "hit" that I'm used to)

    It could also be that it's so smooth and linear, not sure. Anywho, mod it or trade it? I didn't buy a 300 because I live on a lake and want to ride almost everyday... toting gas for that pig will get annoying, not to mention the cost. I'm not so interested in top speed, I just want it to rip my freakin arms off coming out of a turn.

    I took one look at the airbox on the 15f and it looks restrictive as hell. Do mods really make that big of a difference or am I just wasting my time?

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    How much do you want to spend? The 15f is a blast to ride and the stx hull hooks great with a few mods.


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    More than a grand or two and it wouldn't really make sense... Moving to a different platform or SC would be more cost effective.

    I was thinking along the lines of the riva rpm kit, or maybe a different intake setup like the rear box one in another thread... Just didn't know if it makes that much difference as the only measurement listed is "+5mph." That doesn't really give me any idea if it helps rocket out of turns or has more punch really.

    Thanks for any advice guys.

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    the rpm kit main item is the rd ride plate which will gain you a couple mph on top. you can do a intake kit real cheap on your own but as far as you wanting it to rip your arms with a few bolt ons its not going to happen.

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    I used to think my ultra 150's were " fast " well not having ridden one in a couple of years and going from the 150, to the 250 to the 300, there is absolutely nothing fast about a 2-stroke u-150 compared to the new 4 strokes. That being said, there is nothing you could do to get arm ripping acceleration from a 15F aside from putting a turbo or SC on it, they are a reliable fuel effecient semi-fun ski, you want arm ripping the 300 is the way to go, thing is an animal.

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    Seems to me if you only have one hour on the ski, you really don't want to be going full throttle out of the turns. The owners manual recommends a five hour break in not going more than 3/4 throttle.

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    Fair enough... I'm not really interested in a 100gal gas caddy, so it sounds like I should just enjoy it and play around with a few bolt ons. Definitely interested in getting rid of the plowing in the turns at least, and some sort of cold air intake if applicable.

    @perk- I break my stuff in hard and seat the rings properly.

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    Once you get this thing past its 5hrs, get an R&D ride plate, Solas 13/19, I also modified the existing airbox, it is very restrictive in stock form, this will give you an easy 5mph top end increase & while it may not rip your arms off, it will definately get your attention compared to stock. My acceleration from 50-60 is also much quicker.

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    Whats the better ride plate for this ski, R&D or shreadmaster?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLKJETT View Post
    Whats the better ride plate for this ski, R&D or shreadmaster?
    R&D slightly faster, shredmaster actually turns though. Unless they have changed them wich I'm told they have, the shredmaster requires grinding to get it to fit true. I prefer the shredmaster.

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