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    rxp 215 going x charger and 42 s correct set up

    right ive read through a lot on here but cant seem to get a answer i live in the uk my rxp 215 2006 model is totally standard except for a r&d intake im doing a x charger and 42 s over the winter but i cant get a decent answer if i run the x charger i will need the 42 s but other members are saying just x charger ?????????????? please real answers only as i dnt want to run x charger on its own and run lean and blow it to bits

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    if ur intercooler and air intake is stock and u plan to keep it that way u can run the x charger with the 38's, ur prop may need a tweak or try a different one if ur ur on the limiter

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    will i need to upgrade the valve train ???? this is what i dnt get i have read this but others chime in and say 42s to be safe ??? would it be safe to go 42s ???? i was thinking of a riva 3 inch but was wurried about water ingestion as i ride sea big waves jumping and so on im keeping the standard i/c

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    No valve train if running standard computer. Standard air intake standard I/C, just drop the x charger in and forget it. You will need to change the prop or bend the stock one. Stock air intake is the safe option for rough water.

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    Yep, you need a prop, I have your set up with a 15/20 and its just a bit too much prop.
    Look at a 15/19 or 14/19 at most.
    With the 15/20 I can only turn 7850 and the X-charger.
    Unless your going to an external intercooler, the 38's or 42 make no differnce other than the 42's use more fuel.

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    I have the same dilemma as the original post. Let's put it this way:
    1. Has anyone had problems running all stock with the x-charger upgrade?
    2. Has anyone had problems running the 42's with the x-charger all else stock?
    3. Has anyone verified one of the above scenario's by any of the following measurements with a wide band, injector pulse width measurement, O2 voltage measurements, check plugs, etc...

    If you can answer any of these questions, please include coldest operation temperature (water and/or air) or rough guess.


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    I have made a lot of search and got a lot of help from this site about this issue. Here is what i have concluded: Just add x charger and keep everything else stock. Give it a try and if you ski is hitting the rev limiter the go for a different prop or better option is to modify the stock one. It is the cheapest and safest way to go. I run the same setup on my RXT but with a 4'' intake. Still having no problems cause i ride in warm conditions so the revs i get do not exceed 7950 (The added intake just gained the rpms lost due to hot weather). You want get the maximum from your x charger with this setup but you wont lose much as well. Finally (this is my opinion) we are talking about 4 stroke engines and not 2-stroke ones. Running lean on fuel (which will not be the case in your mod) does not mean running lean on oil...

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    so i should just go with the x charger and every thing else standard differant prop.... im in the uk and it very rarely gets hot here so is this still safe for me to run just the charger???

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    hey what are your temps like there. my temps here are in the 80's for water and air. i put on the x and 42's and it runs rich at 11.2 and 11.3. with a 4" intake. i would say that with the x charger you should be able to get away with stock 38's. if i were you though i would be looking at putting an intake on the ski. i ride in anywhere from 1-6 foot swells. i have never had a problem with getting water in front mount 3" kit or 4" kit. the only time i had a problem with water in there was when some tool rolled my ski for a period of time

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    Check my mods list in my signature....I havent done a RRFPR yet - after about 90hrs! Thats 90hrs acroos the winter and summer here in the desert dry heat at 1100ft elevation, 91octane and an external IC.
    So far, Ive had ZERO problems or symptoms with my ski this way.

    I still have the 3in air intake on it though and i do plan to get off my ass one day and figure out which RRFPR to go with.

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