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Thread: rxp upgrade

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    rxp upgrade

    hey guys, new to this site but firstly wanna say what an awesome place for info..

    here my question, i have 07 rxp , x charger fitted, 14/19 solas.
    running 38 injectors as standard. after spending hours on this site i m probably more unsure then ever lol ... heaps of options ... so i ve decided

    i wanna add the drop in mini rude wheel to give more h/power. i m in australia so we have limited supply of aftermarket stuff, so i ll be buying from the online shop ??

    if i buy the drop in wheel what other mods will i need ? i m thinking of adding ecu upgrade (les cooke) - happy to go 8650 with light weight retainers..but want the right supercharger to match...

    any ideas? if i buy the mini rude drop in, is that a good option, what else would i need.. injectors ??? anything else ?

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    Welcome to GH. Where you from?

    You'll mainly need:
    AFR setup.
    These are your starting point to allow you to tune for a wide range of setups.

    Then, go crazy.

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    need to know a little more about your setup or are all the mods you listed above what you have. for the mini rude i would say some bigger injectors and an 4" intake fore sure to see more potential gains. and then it becomes endless on the possibilities of what you want to spend and do. when adding the rrfpr you then need a way to monitor your afrs.

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    You need to build your mods up before dropping a big supercharger in there if you want to fully benefit from all that power.

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