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    Tax refund for fuel used in a boat (TX)

    I came across this today on another forum. This is specifically in Texas but there may be something similar in other states.

    Basically, if you fuel up your boat or jetski at a regular gas station you can get a refund for some of the taxes. I'm guessing the fuel at a marina would exclude these taxes already.

    You can save your receipts up for a year and even give them your account information so they can refund via direct deposit.

    For some (most) it might not be worth the hassle, for others it would be a nice little refund. In Texas 20 cents state tax + 18.4 cent federal tax per gallon.

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    Heres the link to all states that participate in the marine fuel tax refund:

    List of states

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    Great post, anything to get back some of what the government is taking out of our of our pockets is a good thing. Too bad Florida doesn't participate. That means I'm paying fuel taxes for multiple skis to fund roads which my skis and boat hardly impact at all.

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