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    Exclamation Superjet 95 powerfull enough for 200lbs rider???

    Well I'm looking to buy and end of season deal and i found a 95 superjet single carb.
    looks great and owner says it has 150 lbs compression in each cyl.
    but I weigh 200 lbs,, will it be powerful enough for a heavy rider like me???
    and are these good stand ups??
    I personally own other yamahas (raider 95 , 99 runner ) and love them!!
    all info or input is good!!
    going tomorrow morning to check it out,,so pls answer!!

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    I am no stand up expert by any means, but I've heard of 250+ lb guys riding, you'll be fine.

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    You'd be fine, we have a 650sx that is basically a limited (minus the head), it'll pull me fine 200lbs and my dad fine 240, it's a little nose high on take off, but otherwise no biggie.

    Superjets rock, you'll be able to sell it next season if you don't like it and make your money back easy

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    Well I"m checking and some people like round nose better for the 61 t engine? dual carb!
    any argument!!
    i like messing around ,,360's and jumping?

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    The 90-93 square nose superjet came with a 650 6m6 engine which is pretty mild but very reliable, my 6' 210 Lbs ass could get up and ride it without a problem but also without too much excitement tho. Then in 94 they switched to the 701 that they stayed with for a good few years I think it's supposed to be the 62T. In 96 they switched to the Round nose style which has the same bottom hull design as the square nose and this has been the freestyle standard since then and has the heaviest aftermarket support of any ski ever. A decent round nose superjet will set you back $2000-3500, they retain their value ridiculously well. A Square nose can be had for anywhere from $500-2000+ depending on the mods condition and location and used (but good) parts can be had for less $. I had a 99 RN SJ and it was far too stock for my liking as I was used to my modded 750 SXi Pro but I'm still kicking myself in the ass for trading it for that WB1.. The popular set up in these skis is the dual carb 62T cases with 61X cylinders. My opinion, if money isn't an issue than find a good RN and even if you ride it twice and decide you don't like standups you will have no problem selling it. Otherwise find a decent running SN and learn on that.

    Oh yea almost forgot, 90 something % of those skis are compatible with the other. If you get a SN and put some parts into it you'll most likely be able to transfer them to a RN.

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    you should be fine

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