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Thread: FZR Issues

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    FZR Issues

    So my 16 hour old FZR died today on the lake.... at first I thought that I had sucked something up into the impeller as the ski idled fine, but wouldn't rev over 3500rpm and had a big vibration. Unfortunately it was clear and no visible signs of damage.... and when I started the ski up with the seat off back on shore there is definatly something mechanically wrong towards the front of the engine.

    Where should I start looking? I am not happy starting the last long weekend of the year like this!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdex View Post

    Where should I start looking? I am not happy starting the last long weekend of the year like this!

    Thanks in advance.

    Sprag clutch

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    Thanks.... I had searched for symptoms of the clutch going, but after reading through a ton of threads on it I hadn't found one that gave the symptoms that let you know when yours was going.

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    You should check yor pump impeller for debris very carefully. Sometimes a small piece of wood the size of a penny will definitely cause that type of vibration, Julio...

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    I went over the impeller with a fine tooth comb and nothing is there... The dealer picked it up so I guess we are stuck with only the VXR for the weekend. Not the worst thing that could happen!


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    I have 21 hrs on mine......I changed at 10hrs with Amsoil 10W40 synthetic Motorcycle oil........did not do filter And pumped the grease like I should......I have NOT had any problems and I run this ski really 30 hrs I plan on doing a full service with filter and NO grease.

    Mine sounded really really bad at first with no hrs then at 10 hrs it really came around and loosened up noise went was a "WHINE" when the ski was cold.

    Did you do the 10 hr service and If so did you use the correct oil.......should not be energy conserving, or have friction modifiers in it.......if the dealer did then don't worry about it

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    remove the air filter hose to the supercharger and check the s/c wheel only spins one way if it doesn't your clutch has gone.

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    Good that you have a back up boat . . . . VXR will answer the bell. Virtually no chance the VXR will join your FZR on the sidelines. I hope your FZR is back in the mix soon. JB

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    Check your reverse sensor. When you pull the reverse it limits the revs to 3500. I have had FZR and SHO do the same thing. Hope it helps!

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    So it was the SC Clutch.... parts on backorder, guess thats the end of the season for the FZR.

    It does make me start to rethink the whole yamaha's are reliable thing

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