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    04 MSX 110 Way overfull on oil will that stop from cranking

    Well I bit the bullet today and bought a msx110 from a guy that turns out lied through his teeth about it.
    I called a dealer I know and he has already had the ski in the shop and he said the motor was junk, it was locked up tight.
    The guy took it from that dealer to another dealer and they supposedly got it to run.
    Customer paid took it home and rode it and it died.
    Now I bought it. And I'm looking at it and I hit the start button and sure enough it sounds like it's locked up .
    So I pull the pump off. It's nice and smooth.
    So I pull the spark plugs and shoot some fogging oil in there and commence to bumping the start button over and over.
    Finally it gets to 1/2 a revolution then stops then a full turn and stops then it starts to crank ok but still slow.
    I put in the spark plugs and it almost fired but I though the battery was getting weak so I stopped to let it rest for a while and let everything cool off.
    Went back to it and it was like it was locked up again.
    Little more tlc and it's cranking over again.
    Out of the blue I decided to check the oil level and it's damn near at the top of the stick.
    It got dark so I put the seat back on til tomorrow.
    Will it being way overfull stop it from cranking over?
    I'm well versed in 2 stroke motors this is my first 4 stroke.

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    no being overfilled in the tank will not stop the motor from turning over, it will only spew out and dump it back into your intake to plug up your intercooler and cause further problems. I'm thinking you have way deeper problems mechanically with the 4 stroke motor.

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    That really bites. It really pays to have a mechanic do a compression check and check all the systems. Even if you floated it I would think you would get the problem you describe. I think you have other issues. Did you pull the plugs? That might give you a clue.

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    Yeah I pulled the plugs they looked like it was running normal.
    Hard to say what went wrong.
    I started to tear it down and I think it's time she goes on the block as another Parts boat.

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    sorry to hear of your problems. ive sent you a PM about some parts.


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    if you part it out let me know.

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    I'm parting it out... It's official

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    PPU sold
    Turbo sold
    exhaust manifold sold

    The rest is still here.

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    Still got everything else.
    Nice hull with papers available too.

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