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    A "what would you pay" type of question?

    I don't have all the particulars, but I am considering a 2005 RXT that has an apparent Supercharger failure. I don't know the hours or the condition of the engine beyond that. The hull supposedly is in good shape. What would you guys pay for a sight unseen "project" such as this? I will be able to see it, before bidding, but want to be prepared before that point. Also, when a SC fails, do you have to do an engine rebuild in most cases?


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    That is really a tough question. With a failure sight unseen, you need to look at your costs to get it back up and running. You will need to have the engine pulled and flushed. Remove all debris from the oil screens from the blown SC washer that broke up. As far as a rebuild is concerned, is is usually not necessary but is personal preference. If it were me, I would change the bearings although again, not a must. I am just particular that way. A good flush should do the trick. The charger will of course need rebuilding, new plugs, oil etc and you should be good. I wouldn't give more than $2500-$3000 if that. Maybe I'm off, but oh well.... I've been wrong before. Try and get it for as little as possible.

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    2000 max there 4500-5000 in good shape you gonna have a few bucks in the engine

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    Quote Originally Posted by shrabber View Post
    2000 max there 4500-5000 in good shape you gonna have a few bucks in the engine

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    And the hull, seat, hood and rest of ski darn close to Mint for 2000.00 cause for a few $$$ you can buy a solid running ski.

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