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    07 kawasaki ultra 250x WOT issue.

    Hey guys im new to the forum.I Just bought a 07 kawasaki Jet ski with 58 hrs on it, and it performes great. My buddy dropped a yellow gas tank spout in the jetski gas tank,
    its just floating in it, i'll get it out soon but it shouldnd be effecting performance.

    My issue is that when im at WOT with the fast key, it shuts the jetski down completely after about 20 seconds of WOT, like complety kills the ski. I have to resinsert the key for the jetski to turn back on , then it starts no problem. It just started doing this after about a month of sitting.
    It doesnt seem to do this with the slo key,or when im not pushing it, just when im WOT(

    The bat code chirps on ever now and then, is it just the battery? Would a dead battery shutdown a jetski at wot?

    Please let me know what you guys think? i can clarify if needed.

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    ok , i will check that, where should it be pointing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lennox250ultraX View Post
    ok , i will check that, where should it be pointing?
    it should be pointing to the front right side.
    It can only go on one way.
    if it did come off, put some sikaflex or silicone on it and push it back on.

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